Behind the scenes for reference photos.

Dafne Blade is an overly-sensitive artist who expresses momentary feelings through attention to detail and bleeds through their paint. They want to invite viewers to step into worlds that blurs the lines of fantasy and the reality. In this limbo of space they release internal conflict and emotional turmoil thus helping them not only express but process their thoughts and encourages viewers to interpret their own feelings as well. They take great inspiration from symbolists and mythology and believes that the complex world we live now still has some magic left in it.

Dafne Blade was born in Paraguay and raised in Miami, Florida. She interned as an Art Conservator for two years, witnessing in 2014 the entire final conservation campaign of the Elling O. Foundation Persian Mural inspiring them to create large scale works of their own. In 2016 they moved to Manhattan to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts. When Dafne is not busy pouring their soul into an oil painting, they’re reading beautiful webcomics and manga and making fun gouache or ink illustrations.